Financial Video

Financial Planning

Financial Planning offers educational information on preparing for retirement along with a special section on investing for women.

Men as well as women will find useful information about topics such as net worth, asset to liability status and selecting the right asset mix.

If you're thinking about retirement, you'll find content to help you learn more about planning for a secure retirement.

Start with your financial goals

Before you choose investments, write down your financial goals-retirement, children's education and so forth. For each goal, be sure to consider:

  • Your risk tolerance
  • Your time frame
Next understand your investment options

They mostly fall into 3 categories.

  • Equities (also called stocks)
  • Fixed-income (also called bonds)
  • Cash equivalents (a type of liquid investment such as a money market fund)
Strategies for reducing risk

Successful investors use several strategies to reduce their investment risk including:

  • Diversification
  • Asset allocation
  • Rupee-cost averaging

Diversification is a big word that means it's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. It’s not the same as asset allocation which is how you divide your money between stocks, bonds and liquid investments. The best asset allocation will give you the return you need while not having more risk than you can tolerate.

Even though your investment strategy is in place, you may be hesitant to start investing. Maybe the financial markets are ready to tumble. No one wants to invest at the wrong time, but investment professionals will tell you that there no way to know the perfect time. That's where rupee-cost averaging comes in. It’s an automatic investing technique-you put in the same amount at a regular frequency (monthly, for example)

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